Südzucker International Finance B.V.

EUR 700,000,000

Undated Subordinated Fixed to Floating Rate Bonds


ISIN XS0222524372


According to § 5 clause 2(e) in connection with § 13 clause 2 of the Conditions of Issue we would like to announce, that the rate of remuneration for the period of 28 September 2018 to 31 December 2018 excluded (94 days) has been fixed at 2.781 % p.a. The rate of remuneration is determined according to § 5 clause 2 of the Conditions of Issue from the 3-month-Euribor(-0.319) plus a margin of 3.10 % p. a. The payable remuneration on the total aggregate principal amount of the bond amounts to EUR 5,083,050.00 and becomes due on 31 December 2018 subsequently.

26 September 2018 

Deutsche Bank AG